Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's's freezing...been busy...

Hello Nations!

It's been a week or so since my last post...jeez...where to daily life has been busy with work mainly...and that's a problem...not enough time spent with God...and yet I feel like God has been speaking through several people to me...i'm always amazed by that "way of communicating"...

Here at Media Village, two schools have started and been running for 2 weeks now...School of video Production and School of Photography...there's about +/- 30 students from around the world...from students with some great life stories to some that had to flee away from their country because of persecution. Students have started to learn the basic skills already, and this last week was on editing. A lot of these guys had asked me about my role at Media Village, to be honest, i always had to think through it, and try to summarize that...because, i'm kind of the I.T. guy (though i just follow instructions from the manual that the previous IT guy left behind), I oversee the students' editing suite, help/mentor them during their training, also help with the Production department at Media Village Productions for the "serious" around to find equipment...all in all...i'm just the technical assistant. It feels like i do 10 men's jobs...anyway.

Yet, this whole week, it felt like God was wanting me to spend time with be honest, i struggled...and yet God reminds me of his Grace and Faithfulness...I remember during a production shoot this, i thought, man i'm thirsty a ginger beer would be great, God. A couple of minutes later, our base director whom we had to interview, just asked who wanted something to that moment i just got this flash back of my "request to God"...This week also i was also reminded about that certain scripture in the Bible, that says along these lines, " You will be even more blessed when you bless those that can't repay you back." Don't get me wrong, i'm not a rich kid, (I don't even dare to have a look at my balance in my bank account) but God has been always faithful in helping me daily.

What struck me also was a quote that I found on facebook about having faith in God.

Human: Show me, and I will trust you.
God: Trust me and I will show you.

There is so many "needs" that we think they are crucial to us, and yet it's all about God. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and everything else will be provided to you. It's quite something to see how persistent God had been speaking to me this sounds repetitive through this post but it is true!!!
I think i did mention previously, there was this sharing that i heard from Louie Giglio, and i keep thinking about it every time my mind gets a break. We tend to advise God on what would be good for us...God, I need this, and that, perhaps not that one, but the other one, and alongside, could you please get rid of X and get Y involved, oh, and by the way, sorry that I sinned, and just help me through the week, amen. When in real fact, GOD has always released to us what He had for us. He gave us everything, everything, starting from a brain. Let's use it since it's part of us. All that we need to do is to acknowledge God it what He has done and what He is about to do. Just be thankful, good or bad times. I think in the bad times, God always want to show us something that we missed along the way, and would want us to correct our path and keep on the right track.

Like the teachers would say, so what did you learn out of that?