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When people think of a "starting block", it's usually the picture of this athlete, stretching his muscles, trying to be the cool guy, to the eyes of millions (if you include TV viewers obviously) whilst inside he is as nervous as sitting for an exam. Some of his colleagues would be wearing sunglasses despite it's an evening race, sweating out litres of water...sorry sweat, fully ready, almost impatient, to have this other race nailed and hanged to the wall of records..... Anyway, reality check, my point is, do i make a good impression on my first blog.... ^ ^"

= = * an idea.

If you had viewed my "Photo Gallery" , the page between "The Scribbles" (The one you are in right now) and "Projects Gallery", I believe the first picture, is the shot of one of these small screens on the back of each aeroplane seats. Some of these screens are either "Touch Screens" or you've got to use the remote for it to navigate around the menu. Anyway, I took this shot on the way to Hawaii in October 2011. I remember the day, I was told that I'll be flying to Hawaii with the production team of Media Village Productions, man, it was like world war III in me... nukes of Happiness and Excitement were just exploding within me...well I did seem thrilled on the outside had to shoot the annual conference for one of Media Village's foremost and influential international client for a week...It's quite a Blessing to be flown half way around the globe to record a conference...but it's not just any felt like world changers' can be assured that you won't think the same way when you fly out from there..

 It took us like 24 hrs to get to Honolulu, Hawaii....a couple of planes to catch...a very generous breakfast offered by the airline company...Viva Emirates!!!...a "Nearly Got lost at the airport" experience in Los Angeles...STUNNED by the real size of world-known, United States" yellow cabs/ Taxis, Fire Truck...These Vehicles are just HUGE!!! I mean it! They are not these small cars as i'd seen in the movies...the police officers/ customs officers...they've got these real uniforms with belts over packed with police name it...they surely got it..American airlines with more mature hostess..."Sorry Sir! (with an authoritative tone) You are blocking the way for other passengers!)...You might surely be thinking i'm being ridiculous...but hey, where I come from, it's smaller in size...forgive me for my ignorance...but these were my first impressions of having landed in the "Land of Freedom". I'm sure americans visiting Mauritius are as stunned as me on their first visit.

I was so stoked when I found out aboard the plane on these screens that we'd be travelling over Afghanistan, Russia, the North Pole...down Canada, to land in Los Angeles...I was like this little boy so super excited to open up his christmas presents...tears in the corners of my eyes ready to flow out...and yet tried to suck them up to wherever they came from...goose bumps....I was simply excited about the flight...When we flew over afghanistan, i wondered if we would be hit by an RPJ (Rocket Propelled Grenade) or by a Sam missile...but hey...thank God...i'm writing out this blog today...: )...

Every 20 mins or so, while watching blockbuster movies i'll check our position on the 'Live' air route as  we got closer to Russia and then towards the North Pole. I think I fell asleep in my self made bed, with the empty seats in the middle row next to my ex-boss i suppose, of my editing sensei, a.k.a the Black magician) while watching "Rango"...and during that nap...I just suddenly felt like there was this alarm within me...electrifying my body with excitement again...Have we crossed the North Pole yet??...Did I miss it??? Checked the map, Oh my Word! We are 2 mins away to fly over the "North Pole"....I got out of my seat, rushed to my very good friend and colleague, Anthony...who was having a nap too...felt bad for waking him up...but it was for a very good reason...back to the story..

"Anthony! Anthony! We're about to fly over the North Pole! Wake up! I might be the first Mauritian to fly over it! (Who knows?!?) Gotta take a picture of me with it the North Pole in the background! Then I'll take a picture of you too!"

We rushed at the back of the plane, by the window closest to the seats of Emirates' Hostess...and that's what I saw...

Yeah...hmm...=='...a bit disappointed...wished i could see polar bear mum teaching her cubs how to hunt...or swim...since it's global warming next about i take a picture of the screen to freeze the moment...

ok...hmmm...20 seconds later...

At that time, and location, we were at the top of the world!

It was such an overwhelming moment! I thought to myself...God...there are not enough words to say how thankful and grateful I am to be in an adventure with You! An Adventure with God is just like a Life time experience!!! Everyday Trusting God, in good and bad times (which i'll admit, hasn't been always easy, but the end of a chapter with Him is worth it...just can't wait for the beginning of another chapter already!), acknowledging His presence in our daily life, and above all being Thankful for what He has done for us, all these, if done every day, makes every day a better one!

I always  wondered, if I got better marks in High School and would have gone to university, would I have been able to live that moment? Flying over the North Pole?!?! It's just mind blowing!

Cruising over the Arctic was just one of these moments which i felt strongly, I've got to share that story to others!....Well, there are even more other significant instances that occurred during these last 2 years, to force myself to make an account of these experiences which i'll try to share with you in this blog "Follow Kenny"; but until then be encouraged, wanting an adventure with God is life changing!

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