Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!!!

Hello World!

Once again it's been a long while since I posted on the 8 months. My current location, Home, Mauritius. I've Been trying to update the blog from my parents' laptop...well Internet connectivity is depressingly decided to update you guys from my iPhone. That piece of technology has been such a blessing...and is still alive and well.

Nevertheless the last 8 months haven't been so boring as one would expect from my silence on the blog world. Actually during that time I had the opportunity to go to 3 countries (Uganda, Rwanda, Hawaii and U.S mainland), attended my first world tour concert (Switchfoot), swam along and took a picture with a sea turtle in Hawaii, visited an Air and Space Museum for the first time in Washington D.C, was one of the Best Men for the first time for my Best Bro's wedding (Elnie and Ashley) held in Tennessee, USA; held a gun, actually a few of them inside an indoor shooting range and shot on targets, had an encounter with a bear while hiking along the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, attended or the first time a Red Bull Flugtag event in Cape Town...was part of the production crew shooting the Behind The Scenes for a Featured movie entitled "Perfect Wave" attended the premier of another featured movie "Baroudeur" in which I was part of the production crew...oh...also won a couple of awards with Media Village Productions towards the end of 2012. We got involved in the worldwide known 48hours Film project which was held for the first time in Cape Town, and our production got Awards for Best Editing and Best Use of Music and was nominated for different other categories, while our students who also competed got Producer's Mention for their project. In addition to that our production team got in the South African well known TAG Awards whereby we had to produce a PSA (Public Service Announcement; a promo clip for a Non-Governmental Organization); in our case, an NGO called Life Exchange, and we won Best Overall and won 6 awards out of 7. (FYI: we just didn't get the award for Best Script). It was needless to say how each and everyone of us were so stunned and stoked by all these pleasant surprises as we were wrapping up on 2012.

Anyway all of the above was just a few highlights of great stuff I was able to experience, and these happened thanks to God. I definitely confidently know that without Him none of these would have been possible. I keep smiling every time I think of time 3 years ago when I prayed God to use me as I am and take me where He wants me to be.

21st December was said by the Mayans to be the end of the world and yet today I'm still alive to share to you to what happened to me over the last few months. Believe it or not, this time, the "End of the World" day had been much more feared and mediated due today's advanced way of communications, whether it's social media, radio, tv and Internet. I did even hear of people selling all of their properties for the occasion! In the midst of all that, I got the thought that what if the End of the world had really had happened, would we have been ready for it? Did we have enough time to finish the 'work' that had to be done here on the earth before going to the other side? Did we mention to the people that we most cared for that we loved them? Were we certain to go to heaven or might we be heading the other way? But hey! Wait, breathe and stop thinking. The most common fact that I heard from different religious leaders on the radio the other day was that none of them knew when the end of the world is to happen nor did their respective 'sacred books' mentioned a date for it. I think the greatest danger in all that is when the day the world is really gonna come to an end...many won't pay attention because they would say "Do you remember what happened the previous time with the Mayans?!? That's another scam." What would you say?

Until then world, I do sincerely wish to all of you around the world a very successful 2013, in everything you do, wherever you are. If in doubt/confused you can always chat with the guy up there, He is there for you anytime of the day and year!

Below are a couple of pictures from my travels...hope you enjoy them and feedbacks much appreciated...:)