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October 2011 - Shoot with Media Village Productions to Honolulu, Hawaii.

On the way to Honolulu, Hawaii, via the North Pole! 

I might be the first Mauritian to go over the North Pole. 

The North Pole!!! 
I agree, I couldn't see it properly either, but still!!!

Emirates food..

Catching up on some works during the flight from Dubai to LAX.

My first taste of Mexican food in a Hawaiian food court.

FYI, that cup is considered as the "small" cup in the U.S.
Imagine the "extra-large" cup... =='

Had to pay $7 to access that beach in the background,
whilst in Mauritius, it's free access to the public... ==

Apparently there's a dead volcano behind me.

A day full of adventure with Philip Crous.

We stopped by Santa Monica on the way back to Cape Town.

View of  The Arctic from the plane's tail's camera

Honolulu has got a lot of these double-deck buses
usually full of tourists

Big...just big!

Thought there were still huts and an abundance of
coconut trees on the island..Times have changed..
Consistant fight to have the best view of the sea...

Gettin' ready for the shoot...you know what i meant..

That's what one can see on early morning walks
down the beach

 A Mauritian was there... : )

Anthony was quite excited to get his picture
taken next to it.

Oh yeah!

Monopods/ scooters that got Philip and I
half way around the island of Honolulu.

 Dinosaurs, however they look, are always impressive.

It's a big red truck...wished i took a picture of the
extended one with the remote ladder..

Santa Monica Boulevard


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  2. Good Job kenny, keep it up!! it's nice reading through and seeing all the photos!!!