Friday, June 29, 2012

Coming up!

Hello World!

It's been quite some times i haven't posted something on the blog....Those last 2 weeks been very hectically busy...from shooting a 3-days fundraising concert for Cancer research to preparations for upcoming schools at Media Village, School of Video Production I (SVP I) and School of Storytelling and Digital Photography (SSDP), to planning, directing, shooting and editing a 5 minutes welcome clip for our new students...also today it's been 3 years since I joined Media Village! Times flies indeed! I think there has been love and hate relationship moments, but hey, if i didn't face these 'challenges' well, i wouldn't have grown...right?

This reminds me of Izra...Izra is 2 years old or less...I think...He's a boy...if you were wondering...His parents Michael and Nadine are volunteers at the base...Michael is from Ghana, and Nadine from South Africa...these guys form a great couple...their life stories are amazing...Izra is still in the process of sorting himself to stand up and walk...yet he's still holding onto...whatever he can grip himself to...(He's got such a Great smile every time i smiled to him)... and yet at early stages of just standing on his feet, he would eventually fall down, knock himself somewhere...and cry...just like all of us at baby age...and still after much perseverance...he would eventually be able to stand up and walk on his own, try to run...and fall...stand up on his feet and run...and so on...Basically my point is if you want to stand aware that you will fall also...feel some pain, cry but to be able to grow, you'll have to stand back onto your feet, dry your tears and keep trying until you get it right...Perseverance...It's quite a fact that i've faced quite a few tough challenges...not hectic...but is so unpredictable...issues just rise up the moment you'll least's like standing in the centre eye of a storm...but hey the sun shines after the's quite this week i had quite a few tough giants to face...and yet it felt like a voice telling me, have a look to the verse of the day on my Bible app...YouVersion...thank God for Steve the a Bible App with multiple version in it...anyway...back to my I tapped into the app...the verse of the day showed up..

Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul? Why are you crying the blues? Fix my eyes on God— soon I'll be praising again. He puts a smile on my face. He's my God. - Psalm 42:11 (Message)

That was obviously the Verse of the Day! The fresh air of early morning...despite it's quite a freezing one over here...After that moment...I started seeing the bigger picture of why i was here in South Africa at this time of my life...Things just became clearer... : )

More to come soon ; )

Thanks to everyone who've been cruising my blog, from the United States to Australia, Finland, Russia through India, South Africa, Madagascar and my beautiful homeland, Mauritius...thank you guys for your support! Looking forward for your comments...good or harsh...much appreciated....

My friend Shane Vermooten is getting ready a trailer of the documentary we shot in Nigeria last October...Hopefully I'll soon post some lines in "The Scribbles" my adventures in Nigeria with pictures...

So More to come!

Until then...Take Care!

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