Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hello World!

Hey people! Welcome to Follow Kenny!

Finally after much thinking, I finally decided to start a hoping to share with You, World, about my stories over the last couple of years and basically what i've been working on since I got into media and away from home. It does sound silly, taking two years to start a blog...but hey, everybody is different right?! Thank goodness we've been created uniquely!

First paragraph of blog done! Hahahaha...

Blogging is quite a new thing for me...please bare with me.

Anyway, I'm Kenny, from the Wong clan...Kenny Wong Sin...when i wrote Wong clan, i meant it. There's a couple of millions of us out there, apart from China. Hahahahaha....I'm getting used to tell my friends...better be friends with a chinese, you never know what might happen tomorrow... I was born in Mauritius, my forefathers were from China. My parents were born and grew in Mauritius, so yes, i'm not 100% chinese, but i still look like one of them... ^ ^... I'm currently living in Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa, doing my 2nd year of Apprenticeship with Media Village.

As mentioned earlier I guess the main reason for me creating a blog, was to be able to share with friends and strangers, young and old hopefully from around the world, stories from my travels, testimonies of people I've met who've made a difference in the way I think and do things, projects I've been part of but above all that, to be able to share with my Adventures with God!

Don't forget to have a look at the different pages of my blog; " The Scribbles", some written accounts of my encounters and experiences, "Projects Gallery" where you'll find the different works i've worked on while being at Media Village, there is also "Photo Gallery", a couple of snapshots i've taken from my shoots and travels, "My Stimulus",  video clips that i've inspired me to do what i'm doing today.

I hope you'll enjoy my blog, Follow Kenny, and be encouraged... : )


  1. Good job I love the U just need to be consistent with updating it....

  2. hey cuz, just been to mtius and ur dad told me about ur blog. Been ages since we last met. Seems u're doing great; travelling and having fun while working.
    Dunno when we'll be able to see each other but i'm sure we will one of these days. Till then, work hard and most importantly, enjoy urself:D